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15 July 2007 @ 12:54 am
I have a mad tendency to clean when im stressed out and by the end of today my house was and is sparkling clean.
I hate not having a job, for the past two years i have not not been working {does that make sense?}
I feel like i have no duty or purpose. I need to do something.

My last school term is coming in two weeks and i am anxious to start. I'm worried. I just want to go to France.

I leave for California in a week from today and im so very anxious, i want to be able to use my credit card while i am there but i want to be guaranteed a job before so i know i can pay it it off but The owner is still on  holiday so im not sure if i have the job 100% but the manager says i do?

the question keeps poping up in my mind on what im gonna do after i return for college, I really Want to become a
pâtissier but my mum and dad don't want me to because it doesn't pay well and they said they would rather me have a job like engineering.
NO WAY am i ever becoming an engineer, I will not waste my life away in a cubicle like my dad did.
 But If i do pursue this career that means i can study abroad in France. :)

Update on this week:

 Last night I {& Teagan Laura and Chelsea} went to the format concert  and they were amazing. By the end of the night my throat hurt so much from singing and screaming but it was all worth it.  i miss them. It brought back so many memories.

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Mood: anxious
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