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21 June 2007 @ 08:50 pm

I remembered something really sad.

I have a really bad memory but that morning I found out I remember so clearly. My brother and I who never really got along when we were children had slept on a futon in the living room together, I have no idea why but all that night we had been getting along really well.  When we woke in the morning the phone rang and I ran to go answer it. I was only about 9 at the time and didn’t understand why my uncle was crying. Right as I handed the phone to my mom she started to cry and I didn’t understand why. Then she had said that this person, someone who was like a big sister to me died. At first I wouldn’t believe it and I refused to accept that that could happen but soon after I realized it was the truth. I don’t remember crying at all, I didn’t actual cry till I found something she had given me a while after she had died and I realized I could never see her again.

This is dumb. Blah blah. I just think it weird that in some moments you want to remember things forever and in others you’d rather forget them but it always end up the other way around.

Today was boring.

Mood: numb