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20 June 2007 @ 09:37 pm

Today I went to the mall with Andres. Initially we went just to shop and look around but I had planned to buy him his birthday present right under his nose while we were there. He kept saying he was hungry so we went to Kona grill and got a few sushi rolls. I said I had to use the restroom so I left trying to sneak out of the restaurant and then ran to the store where I was going to buy his present. Knowing he would probably think I was having trouble in the restroom I tried to hurry and get back on account that the store was pretty far from the restaurant. When I arrived back to the restaurant {almost out of breath} I went back to the table while hiding the gift behind me. The waitress was luckily talking to him while I snuck and he didn't ask why I had been gone so long. When she left I acted like I was getting something form my purse and slide a brand new shiny black DS lite onto the table and said Happy birthday.

He really liked it. I was happy. Then we went on with shopping he talked about how we should go into all the sexy lingerie stores but I said we should go to the puppy store instead.

I WISH YOU COULD HAVE COME TEAGAN. Happy friends’ day. And happy late birthday once again to you Andres.

I'm going to the format concert as well and get to hang out with the awesome Chelsea and am very happy on account of how awesome she is.

Location: Hot place
Mood: happy
Music: Passacaglia for Violin and Vio
20 June 2007 @ 10:05 pm
"Rules: Post the explanation of where your username came from. Then tag TEN users whose explanations you'd like to hear. If you are tagged post the explanation to your page."

Well at the time of creating a username I was really into zombie movies{ and still am} So i tried to make the username zombiesex but that was already taken so then i tried zombielove and that was taken so then finally i tried livingdeadsex and that was also taken so i settled with livingdeadlove and it stuck and Ive had it ever since. { this was one aim initially}

I dont know ten users so i will do two haha.